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Safety, Security, Comfort, Productivity and Cost Savings


Industrial Lighting

We will work with you to custom engineer lighting systems that provide safe working environments for your employees.  When we assess your facility’s work flow, we will develop a plan that uses a combination of high bay, task and security lighting based on your unique needs that meets IES standards.

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Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, but whether you want uplighting, downlighting, suspended lighting, surface mounted lights or any other type of commercial fixtures our customized commercial lighting design can fit your needs.  The right type of lighting can increase productivity and enhance occupant well-being.  We take pride in creating a striking and comfortable indoor environment for your employees, clients, and potential customers.

Exterior Lighting

Safety and security are the defining qualities of a customized exterior lighting solution.  Protecting your employees, their vehicles and the perimeter of your facility is of utmost importance.  Our singular approach combines highly efficient pole, flood and building mounted lights with automated controls.  This combination provides security and significant energy savings.

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When it comes to energy savings, lighting controls are one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money.  Options range from motion detecting switches in a single office to a fully automated building control network.  Adding lighting controls conserves energy and improves your bottom line.

Are you ready to discuss how we can meet your lighting needs?

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