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Safety, Security, Comfort, Productivity and Cost Savings

Ventilation Systems

Exhausting warm air and process heat from a space and replacing it with cooler, fresh, outdoor air is important in creating a comfortable work environment.  Our team of engineers will analyze your cubic footage and required air turnovers in order to properly size and locate your exhaust fans and louvers, whether for a new build or retrofit.

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Infrared Heating

Imagine standing in the sun versus standing in the shade.  That's how our infrared heaters work.  Our approach will efficiently heat the people and surfaces in your warehouse or manufacturing plant (which will in turn radiate heat back into your space), instead of attempting to blow hot air throughout.


Our team has worked with the world's leading air moving technology, and HVLS fan technology is the top of the list. So recommending the perfect fans for your space and budget, and providing layouts for optimal coverage is our specialty.  HVLS fans are an energy efficient way to cool industrial spaces when air conditioning isn't an option, and they also drastically reduce heating costs in the winter.  Let us make it easy on you.


Directional Fans

We've researched every directional fan you can think of, and not all are created equally.  We'll take into account amp draw, noise levels, air velocity, and application to determine the right fans for your needs.


Our control systems integrate all of your thermal comfort equipment to eliminate human error and guess work, in order to optimize for performance and energy savings.  This allows for scheduling capabilities, temperature and moisture monitoring, as well as night flushing.


Are you ready to discuss how we can meet your thermal comfort needs?

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